A look into things

What we do?

We are sourcing, trading, transporting and financing crude oil, petroleum products, metals and coal. Our goal is to perform physical trades swiftly, to ensure profitability, cost-efficiency and to satisfy our customers and counterparts with the quality of products supplied. Through our long-term strategic partnerships, we insure sustainability and future growth. Expertise and experience, in each one of our core businesses, provides us with competitive advantage.


Crude Oil

Petroforce started its crude trading activity in 2013 with Caspian Crude Oil contracts and was later cleared with major regional and international producers, refiners and traders. Crude oil was first sourced mainly from the Caspian Region and delivered in Black Sea.

Oil Products

Petroforce initiated diversification of the physical books with Dirty Products from 2014 and Clean Products from 2015, registering first with few major refineries such as Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery Complex and many Russian/CIS refineries later on.
Our energy trading interest and focus is mainly around CIS countries, South-East Asia and Africa.
Our objective is to expand and strengthen our presence in each of those areas.


Within the metals desk, Petroforce has developed 2 main businesses:

• Steel trading flow to Asia and Western Europe
• Nonferrous metals and ore flow from Africa to China


Petroforce has started a Coal trading activity in 2017 on a regular basis mostly from Russia to Western Europe and Asia. In 2019, a full Coal desk was put in place for trading Coking coals, PCI and Anthracite.


Petroforce is successfully developing business in agricultural commodities, mostly in: Cocoa, Sugar Cashew, Corn & Wheat.